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Manage foam when brewing with Aerospress

May 2, 2008

I love my Aeropress. LOVE. I used to drink my coffee black when brewing with a drip brewer, but now in comparison it tastes bad and requires milk and splenda. But I love the Aeropress coffee straight in its concentrated form (pseudo espresso). My drink of choice used to be straight espresso, but I find now I prefer the smoother (yet still as strong as a rhino) brew of the Aeropress.

It was driving me crazy that there was always a huge head of foam when brewing coffee with this method. The vessel has a pretty low volume to start with so I find it very limiting to not be able to fill the thing with coffee and water.

After adding the coffee grounds add just enough hot water to wet the grounds. Stir it around for a momen (maybe 10 seconds). During this time the grounds all become wet and degass. Since they are not submerged in water the gas can freely escape. Next fill with water as normal and enjoy your non frothy brew!