MSSQL: specifying targetNamespace with FOR XML, XMLSCHEMA

You have probably found that although you can specify the namespace to use for serializing to xml with FOR XML, there is no option for specifying the namespace of a generated xmlschema. Instead you get an autoincrementing uri for the users session, e.g. urn:schemas-microsoft-com:sql:SqlRowSet7

You can however assign that generated schema to an xml variable, and then simply use an xml dml to replace the value of the targetNamespace attribute. Here is a simple example, enjoy:

declare @x xml, @ns varchar(1024)
set @ns=’newNamespace’
set @x = (
 select *
 from (
  select top 0 1 as intId
 ) as t for xml auto, xmlschema
set @x.modify(‘declare namespace xsd = ““;
replace value of /xsd:schema[1]/@targetNamespace with sql:variable(“@ns”)’)
select @x


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